Today more than ever, we need to recognise the impact of fossil fuels on global warming and resource scarcity. Rethinking our modes of production is now becoming essential because reducing our consumption is no longer enough. Among the sustainable solutions, the decentralisation of the means of production and the development of stable and inexhaustible sources of energy seem to be indispensable for a more virtuous future.

Putting the territories and local actors at the centre of the projects is our approach for every project. We strongly believe that this is the only way to achieve the energy transition goals.

For that we propose the following solutions :

  • Agrivoltaics
  • Photovoltaics
  • Photovoltaics on roofs
  • Photovoltaics for parking lots, shades and hangars
  • Wind energy

Agrivoltaics is a combination of the words agriculture and photovoltaics, and is one of the latest innovations in sustainable development.

It allows the reconciliation of agricultural practices and renewable energy production, by harmoniously integrating photovoltaic structures within agricultural plots (e.g. placing panels above crops to allow maintenance and harvesting).

Do you own an agricultural land? We can help you to develop a project to diversify your activity.

An Agrivoltaic project can support the development of an agricultural activity.

Within Aedes Energies, we offer the possibility to local authorities as well as private owners of land or water bodies (gravel pits, sand pits) to find a new way to valorise their heritage in a sustainable and ecological way.

We favour “anthropised” or “degraded” sites in accordance with the guidelines of French energy policy regarding the development of renewable energy.

More precisely, the specifications of the Commission de Régulation de l’Énergie (CRE) list the most suitable areas for the deployment of photovoltaic energy: landfill sites, industrial wastelands, polluted sites, former mines or quarries, disused land, land in an ICPE zone, slag heaps, airfields, road, rail or airport wastelands, unused water bodies (gravel pits, sand pits) (depending on their characteristics).

The advantages of a ground and floating photovoltaic power plant :

  • Contributing to the development of low-carbon electricity production solutions at the local level ;
  • Enhancing your property portfolio (generate income over 30 to 40 years for the owners and the territory);
  • Reusing degraded sites in order to launch a virtuous reconversion process that benefits the territory ;
  • Covering local needs in Renewable Energy by responding to territorial and ecological energy issues in an environmentally friendly way (1 hectare of photovoltaic panels on the ground can produce the equivalent of the electricity consumption of an average of 400 to 500 inhabitants).

Are you the owner of public buildings, industrial buildings, warehouses, shopping centres, commercial buildings, or any other type of roof over 600 m² ?

We are able to offer you tailor-made solutions for your type of roofing (flat roofs, sloping roofs, etc.).

Your interest: to receive additional sources of income (annual rent, premium or balance); to benefit from a renovation of your roof under certain conditions (to be defined together).

As a farmer or forester, do you own or wish to construct buildings for stables, stalls, storage etc.?

We are able to offer you tailor-made solutions that respect the specificities of your activity. These solutions will allow you to enhance your existing roofs as well as those of your future buildings.

Your interest: to benefit from a building at lower cost and to benefit from additional income; to have an additional storage area and cover. 

Are you the owner of a car park for light or heavy vehicles?

Your car parks can be equipped with photovoltaic shade systems.

Aedes Energies will carry out a dedicated study in order to define a proposal that meets all the requirements of your activity (concession, car rental, shopping centres, exhibition centres, hospitals, private or public companies). The advantages that you can get from this solution are the following :

  1. Provide protection against bad weather and high temperatures;
  2. Provide a charging station solution for electric mobility;
  3. Contribute to national greenhouse gas reduction targets;
  4. No investment or maintenance costs for you;

Wind energy is produced from an inexhaustible source. Thanks to its turbine structure, the wind turbine converts the kinetic energy of the wind into electricity. In 2015, 6 million households were powered by this type of energy. Already 85% recyclable, the various parts of wind turbines will soon all be reusable.

After a decade of projects often decried because of the noise, visual and environmental nuisance they could cause, the installation of wind turbines is now much more regulated by various regulatory provisions: town planning code, environmental code, biodiversity law, etc.

Extensive impact studies of the fauna, flora and natural environment, and consultation with the High Environmental Authority and government departments ensure that these projects are virtuous.

Would you like to be accompanied in the development of a project

What makes us different?

Aedes Energies supports local authorities and landowners who wish to give a positive impulse to the management and operation of their assets, while participating in the energy transition. From the beginning, the founders of Aedes Energies have proposed a more balanced and profitable economic model for everyone. So that the sense of general interest also applies to the practices of the renewable energy sector.

Based on our expertise and know-how, we are committed to support you at every stage of your project, and to obtaining the best economic conditions for your project.

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