"Our added value lies in proximity and shared values... this is the signature of Aedes Energies". On each territory where Aedes Energies is active, this proximity relationship guarantees balanced partnerships, beneficial to the territories as well as to the stakeholders directly involved in the projects.

  • Florian M., Farmer – Gard (30)
  • Christian G., Mayor – Dordogne (24)

Florian M., Farmer – Gard (30)

At the end of the exploitation of a quarry on my land, I found myself the owner of several bodies of water on which I developed leisure activities, in parallel with my farming activity. For several years I had been planning to change my activity on the lakes without knowing how to value my bodies of otherwise. It was during this reflection that we met the Director of the company Aedes Energies.

He gave us an accessible and understandable presentation of the renewable energy market and the value that our land could represent. This is how we decided to work in partnership with Aedes Energies to entrust them with the development of our water bodies.

After a thorough feasibility study, it became clear that a floating photovoltaic power plant project was fully feasible on our water bodies. Aedes Energies took care of the implementation of the project and made it a reality.. We are fully satisfied with this human and sincere approach. This project of floating panels will allow me to concentrate on my farm and to retire more serenely.

Aedes Energies’ support is global, they inform us very regularly about the progress of the project and manage all the administrative aspects.
” There is a true closeness and mutual trust.

This floating panel project will allow me to concentrate on my farming and to retire more serenely.

Christian G., Mayor – Dordogne (24)

After several disappointments with proposals for solar projects, we decided to be
accompanied by Aedes Energies
to study the potential for renewable energy projects in the municipality and to initiate an ambitious project.

Together we have defined the best options for the location of the plant in order to preserve the interests of our territory. The project was built in complete transparency and trust with Aedes Energies. We particularly appreciated the iterative approach, the ability to listen and the commitment of this company.

We are involved in every stage of the project and in every decision.

This type of project requires a high level of expertise and tenacity to make a large-scale photovoltaic project a reality. This is what we found in the Aedes Energies team.

Our municipality is fully satisfied with this partnership which concretises our commitment to the ecological and energy transition.

Do you have a project? We can help you

Jean C., winegrower – Var (83)

From a previous disappointing experience on a project, I still agreed to meet this company without much hope. To my great surprise, they encouraged me to pursue my approach of diversifying my sources of income and land development. I am therefore very satisfied with my choice of partner.

Participatory financing

Crowdfunding is the process of exchanging funds between individuals outside of institutional financial channels to finance a specific project via an online platform.

The objective of this mechanism is to allow project residents and, more broadly, all citizens to invest in projects related to renewable energy and sustainable development.

Aedes Energies can help you to develop a project on your territory. By participating in its financing you will be a stakeholder in the project and will be able to benefit from revenues during its exploitation.

Stéphane F., Agricultural dealer – Lot et Garonne (47) and Gers (32)

After several contacts with companies proposing the same approaches or processes, we met the Aedes Energies Team to accompany us in our project. They made the difference with their approach, their listening and their motivation. We therefore decided to entrust
them with our land and buildings because we are convinced that we have found serious and honest people
. ”

Francis D., company director – Lot et Garonne (47)

I was looking for ways to develop my water body and my land (former quarry). I was contacted by Aedes Energies which presented their analysis of my land potential. The approach of this company reassured me by the clarity of the exchanges and the pedagogy of the interlocutors. I am delighted to have entrusted my photovoltaic project to Aedes Energies. The deadlines and the follow-up are rigorous and I am kept informed without having to follow up. The team is composed of accessible and involved managers and motivated project managers.

Jean F., retired – Nièvre (58)

A dynamic, responsive team that convinced me to commit to this photovoltaic project with Aedes Energies.

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