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From the beginning, the founders of Aedes Energies have proposed a balanced and mutually beneficial economic model in order to include the general interest into the practices of the renewable energy sector.

Our activities

Aedes Energies supports public and private landowners who wish to give a positive impulse to the
management and operation of their property, while participating in the energy transition.

Solar photovoltaics

Ground & floating photovoltaics

Ground & floating photovoltaics

A photovoltaic power plant is defined as a unit for the production of electricity from sunlight using panels. Floating installations now ahead for the future.

Solar photovoltaic



Agrivoltaics makes it possible to reconcile agricultural practices with the production of renewable energy, by harmoniously integrating photovoltaic structures into an agricultural activity.

Solar photovoltaic

Photovoltaics for parking lots, shades and hangars

Photovoltaics for parking lots, shades and hangars

These installations make it possible to enhance existing assets such as car parks and industrial or agricultural buildings by producing solar energy.

Wind energy

Wind energy

Wind energy

Thanks to its optimised shape, the wind turbine converts the kinetic energy of the wind into electricity. This energy is available 24/24 hence offering a stable and permanent production.

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Why solar energy ?

An inexhaustible natural resource essential to life, solar energy is one of the pillars of our energy transition. It is one of the most efficient and least expensive solutions for producing electricity.

A photovoltaic project is an opportunity to convert your land, water bodies, quarries, landfill sites, roofs, etc into a renewable energy production plant. While enhancing the value of your assets in a stable and sustainable way, you also contribute to the development of your region with the tax resources generated.

Recent technological innovations offer increasingly high energy efficiency. This technology does not emit CO2 and allows us to reduce our impact on the environment considerably.

Why wind energy ?

Energy harnessing is a key to the Humankind evolution process. Wind turbines are the future of it.

Though our ancestors have been using this technology for centuries, we now know much better how to convert the power of the wind into electricity with incredible efficiency. In this way, an inexhaustible local and abundant natural resource is available for our homes.

France has one of the most favourable wind resources in Europe. For that reason, supporting and deploying wind turbines is particularly appropriate to diversify its means of production and contribute sustainably to the ecological transition.

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Didier V., Chief Executive Officer – Tarn (81), France

“After almost committing ourselves too quickly to an operator, we were recommended to approach Aedes Energies to study our project. Today, we are very happy to have met them.

The proposed conditions and the partnership are identical to the initial offer. . Whether for us, our children and the municipality, we are very satisfied to have entrusted the project to Aedes Energies.”

The mutations of territories

Renewable energies contribute to the evolution of our territories towards more virtuous practices. By reducing energy production carbon footprint they are a lever against climate change, calling for a more balanced management of our resources.

Through the advantageous taxation enjoyed by the territories in which these projects are located, they support a sustainable policy that benefits future generations. They can also allow the financing of public infrastructures or services improving local quality of life and social link.

If you wish to contribute to a better balance and autonomy of the territories, if you are convinced that renewable energy plays a role in tomorrow’s world, contact us !

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