Do you have some ideas but lack information about its feasibility? Do you want to know when it can be done? Here is some essential information.

Assessing the potential of a project

As a local authority, company, farmer or private individual, do you believe you have land that could be suitable for a renewable energy project? The starting point for any analysis is to identify the type of land you wish to develop:

Degraded or polluted site

Industrial wasteland, former quarry/mine, former landfill, road or rail port airfield, “ICPE”, “SEVESO” site, “PPRT” or in a danger zone….


Land that could be used for a business or industrial zone, site to be developed, disused site, etc …

Water bodies / reservoirs

Gravel pit, sand pit, pond, …

Buildings and parking areas

Agricultural sheds, commercial buildings, parking areas …

I would like more details for a project


The planning of your project takes place in several stages until it is put into operation. The construction of a project can only take place once all the administrative authorisations requested during the project development stage have been obtained. This is generally the longest stage as it requires the identification of all the issues (planning regulations, biodiversity, landscapes, activities, etc.) to ensure that the project complies with the regulations while responding perfectly to the issues of the site and the territory.

The planning of a project takes place over a variable period of time depending on the issues identified. Generally speaking, the development period for a project is 3 to 4 years.

  • 01. Pre-study
  • 02. Development
  • 03. Financing
  • 04. Construction
  • 05. Operation
  • 06. Dismantling
  • Meeting of private and public owners
  • Regulatory, technical and financial pre-diagnosis
  • Meeting and presentation of the project to local authorities
  • Preparation of environmental studies and regulatory analyses
  • Iterative exchanges with local actors and State services on the project
  • Technical studies: calculation of yield, sizing of the power plant, connection study, design of the renewable energy production plant
  • Public consultation on the project
  • Application for regulatory authorisations and instruction by the State services
  • Preparation of the response file to the CRE’s call for tender
  • Financing for the construction of the power plant
  • Opening of the building site
  • Installation of energy production structures
  • Connection to the power grid
  • Management and maintenance
  • Distribution and marketing of the electricity produced
  • Assessment and optimisation of the productivity of the renewable energy generation fleet
  • Dismantling
  • Recycling
  • Restoration of the site

Develop and build

Aedes Energies will take care of the project at all stages of its realisation. You will be able to take advantage of the revenues brought by this opportunity to realise a multitude of other projects that will benefit your territory, your company or your farm. These projects will also contribute to the growth of your assets and your territory.

The current world is undergoing a real change in terms of energy and economics. Together with Aedes Energies we can actively participate in this evolution and welcome this beneficial future for all actors of today and tomorrow.

What are the benefits for you ?

  • Landowners / Farmers
  • Municipalities / Communities
  • Companies / Groups

As a property owner or asset manager, you are probably looking for safe and sustainable solutions to maintain, preserve and develop your assets. In this sense, Aedes Energies is able to meet your expectations.

We offer to work with you as a partner to develop your properties in the right way. This guarantees you a regular, secure income and a long-term vision.

Moreover, whether for you or your children, you can have the satisfaction of being at the origin of an achievement that will contribute to reduce our impact on the environment by producing inexhaustible that respects its environment.

Do not hesitate to contact us to study the potential of your property.

Today, more than ever, territories are at the heart of environmental and energy issues. The answers to global warming lie first and foremost in our territories.

Any positive initiative to meet the challenges of tomorrow can only be sustainable in partnership with our municipalities and communities.

At Aedes Energies, we are fully convinced of this. That is why we propose to accompany your initiatives in the field of energy transition and, on the basis of our expertise, by associating your values, to be able to define solutions adapted to your needs.

“To build the territories of tomorrow, we must work hand in hand”.

Each municipality or community is able to benefit from renewable energy project opportunities and thus convert the resources of its territory into wealth:

  • Local and decentralised production of green electricity;
  • Long-term income and economic spin-offs to optimise your budgets;
  • Valuation of land which represents a burden in source of profit for your territory;
  • Involvement of local stakeholders in a joint project and participatory investment;
  • Concrete participation in a positive approach to ecological transition

Would your company like to develop its renewable energy potential?

We are able to carry out a real diagnosis of your company’s assets and to define together the most suitable way to develop them.

Whether it is by making savings or by finding a new source of income, the advantages are many:

  • Your company will benefit from being part of a virtuous and responsible approach to the environment;
  • You can benefit from solutions that allow you to rehabilitate your assets while limiting the financial impact;
  • You will find a solution to participate directly in your CSR objectives;
    You will be able to show your direct contribution to reducing the carbon footprint of our society;
  • You will have the guarantee of new and regular income over the long term.
  • Is investing in renewable energy profitable?
  • What income for the territory?
  • Are renewable energies really virtuous?
Is investing in renewable energy profitable?

Investing in the renewable energy sector is a virtuous way to make your savings grow. First of all, by making your land available, you will have the guarantee of increasing the value of your assets over the long term (30 to 40 years) with a certain and optimal rental income. You will not be asked to make any investment, pay any charges or take any particular steps.

By becoming a stakeholder in a project, you will also make a concrete contribution to the ecological and energy transition.

It is simply a matter of participating directly in the achievement of your territory’s energy autonomy objectives while knowing how your investments are used.

This way, you are sure to stay in control and help your savings grow along with your territory.

What income for the territory?

The operation of a renewable electricity generation plant generates taxes each year, the amount of which varies according to the type and size of the projects.
This tax is one of the sources of revenue generated by the production of renewable energy and which returns to our territories.

These taxes include the property tax on built-up areas (TFPB), the territorial economic contribution (CET), which is made up of the business property tax (CFE) and the contribution on the value added of businesses (CVAE). Finally, the two most important taxes are the flatrate tax on network companies (IFER) and the development tax (TA).

Each project has its own characteristics, and it is therefore necessary to estimate the tax burden on a case-by-case basis.

Are renewable energies really virtuous?

Renewable energies allow us to produce local electricity that generates wealth for the territories. By bringing production closer to the consumer, we are reducing losses while setting up more direct and virtuous circuits.

Efficiency and proximity of renewable energy make our territories more autonomous and resilient.

Would you like to know more about us?

Aedes Energies is an efficient and transparent company. The team is dynamic and its managers are accessible and always available. They have gained our trust by their seriousness. We have been approached by many companies, but only Aedes Energies has been able to reassure us.

Jean-Luc F., Farmer, retired – Hérault (34)

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